Electrical Engineering, Robotics, Automation, Precision Machine Design



Circuit Design:
Analog, digital, embedded microprocessors, PC-104, switched mode power supplies, amplifiers, motors, stepper, servo, control systems, motion controls, PLC, optical and ultrasonic sensors, battery and other energy storage technologies, networking, A/D & D/A conversion, CPLD, FPGA.

Artwork design and layout. SMT reflow, soldering, and rework, Orcad Capture, Easy PC, Eagle, Protel - We make boards that work on the first spin!

CAD, CAM, CNC, AutoCad, Rhino Cad, Visual Mill, mechanical design, machine shop skills, carpentry skills, manufacturing and fabricating in acrylic and aluminum.

We can help you quickly debug both mechanical and electrical systems.

System Design:
We can approach your systems as a whole and find ways to improve them and make them operate more effectively. Also see ways to create cohesive product lines where products support and leverage off of one another rather than compete against each another.

Visual Basic, Access, C.