Electrical Engineering, Robotics, Automation, Precision Machine Design

Automated imaging system for protein crystallography

biotech laboratory automationServices: Electrical Engineering/Mechanical Engineering/Project and Shop Management

Where: Formulatrix, Waltham Massachusetts

Project life cycle: Helped grow a startup software company into a Biotech/Pharma robotics company. Planned, designed, built and manufactured the company's first mechanical product, an automated imaging system for protein crystallography, and oversaw the growth of the Engineering and Manufacturing part of the company from one to six people. Set up and managed an in-house CNC machine shop to build both prototype and production parts. Managed the production builds of initial product offerings ($1.2 million). This included the machining of most parts in the system. In addition to designing much of the mechanical systems for the robots, I also did all of the electrical design including PCB layout and setting up of an in house SMT reflow process.



Precison Machine Design
Circuit Design
Mechanical Design
PCB Layout
System Design