Electrical Engineering, Robotics, Automation, Precision Machine Design

Automated imaging system for protein crystallography

biotech laboratory automationServices: Electrical Engineering/Mechanical Engineering/Project and Shop Management

Where: Formulatrix, Waltham Massachusetts

Project life cycle: Helped grow a startup software company into a Biotech/Pharma robotics company. Planned, designed, built and manufactured the company's first mechanical product, an automated imaging system for protein crystallography, and oversaw the growth of the Engineering and Manufacturing part of the company from one to six people. Set up and managed an in-house CNC machine shop to build both prototype and production parts. Managed the production builds of initial product offerings ($1.2 million). This included the machining of most parts in the system. In addition to designing much of the mechanical systems for the robots, I also did all of the electrical design including PCB layout and setting up of an in house SMT reflow process.

Electronics package for mobile multi-axis robot

Services: Electrical Engineering, Project Management, Product Design

Where: PRI Automation, Billerica Massachusetts

Project life cycle: Designed the electronics for a multi axis robot that traveled on an overhead track. The electronics package I designed included switching power supplies, programmable logic, embedded microprocessors, optical and ultrasonic sensors, motors, encoders, motor amplifiers, motion controllers, and RF and IR Communications. I condensed the circuits, fit them in a very small package, and integrated them into the robot. I spent much time in the lab debugging both the mechanical and electrical operation of the robot. I was the lead in making the robot work. I also conceptualized and implemented several major architectural changes. One of these changes involved redirecting the project away from an expensive and complicated inductively powered track to a much simpler more effective design that used Ultra-Capacitors (1200 Farad Capacitors) that could be charged at certain locations on the track, and used to replace the batteries that power the robot. This idea halted a proposed 2 million-dollar, 2 year R&D effort, and replaced it with a 100,000 dollar 6 month effort. In addition the total system cost was greatly reduced, projecting savings of several million dollars per job. Completed in Nov. 2001.

Rotating LED light sculpture

Services: Electrical Engineering/Mechanical Engineering/Programming

Where: Displayed at BurningMan 2005

Project life cycle: Designed and built 9' diameter rotating super-bright LED display programmed with color animations. To refine a cost-effective, workable design in a short time, worked with lighting expert Carl Gruesz, whose work this year included lighting for official BurningMan installations. A future version of this piece is planned to display video.

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle- Interface board and 5KW Lithium Ion Battery monitor and charger

Skills used: Electrical Engineering

Where: Bluefin Robotics, Cambridge Massachusetts

Project life cycle: Designed built and installed an interface board for an AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle). This involved determining the requirements of all associated electronics, designing the interface circuitry, and performing all schematic capture and PCB layout. Also contributed to the design of its 5KW Lithium Ion Battery monitor and charger. Completed in 2002.

Microprocessor-based fire alarm panels and switch mode power supplies for fire alarm systems

Services: Hardware Engineering, Product Design

Where: Notifier/Firelite Alarms, Northford Connecticut

Project life cycle: Designed microprocessor-based fire alarm panels and switch mode power supplies for fire alarm systems. Cooperated with marketing to come up with new products and product specifications. Engineered panels and power supplies according to design specifications. Created schematic drawings with Orcad Capture. Coordinated with Production to build both prototypes and finished product. Tested and proved prototype designs. Worked with listing agencies (UL, ULC, FM, and FCC) to obtain product listings and approvals. Wrote the company's first Windows-based panel-programming utilities, using Visual Basic linked to Microsoft Access databases. Proposed and set up the engineering departments first LAN. Completed in Oct. 1999.

Large facility management control systems

Services: Systems Application Engineering

Where: Johnson Controls Inc., Hartford Connecticut

Project life cycle: Designed large facility management control systems, including the controls for Foxwoods Casino. Integrated microprocessor based controllers, sensors, and actuators with HVAC equipment to sequence it according to control specifications. Networked buildings and complexes' HVAC equipment to allow for central monitoring and control. Used AutoCAD to create control drawings for submittals and field use. Wrote software to run individual controllers and facility wide control algorithms. Designed custom graphical user interfaces for central PC control. Provided support to the field during installation and check out. 1992-1997.



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